Benefits of Running

One of our favorite doctors would say ‘A daily hour in the gym, keeps you away from the doctor’s office for months’. We could not agree more. There is no doubt that keeping fit is a good business. You get to look good and fit better into clothes, not to mention all the awesome health benefits. Running is one of those exercises with multiple benefits and it only gets better. The best part is that, unlike many other types of exercise, you hardly need any equipment. The only thing you really must have is a good pair of running shoes, which nowadays you can get for really cheap online from a website like  The Walking Company  – especially if you get your hands on some kind of promo code as well.

There are about 86 awesome facts that establish why running is such a great exercise. Not only does it work out several bones and muscles in your body, it burns all the calories you may have gotten into your system from food, and gives you that well toned, muscled body.

Running a total of 32 km per week increases chances of living longer by 20%. A total of 24.6 km per week greatly reduces risks of diseases like Alzheimer’s by 40%. You can also count on an increase in HDL cholesterol, a 50% reduction in high blood pressure, and a general improvement of lifespan. Experts also say that you generally get about 11.34% more attractive, with every 161 km you run.

What’s awesome is that there are no age restrictions. We have records of marathon runners who defied that. For example, Budhia Singh completed 48 marathons before his fifth birthday, and Fauja Singh completed his first marathon at age 101. Isn’t that amazing? So, what are you waiting for?

There are so many other awesome facts contained in the infographic below. They include celebrity runners, celebrity inspiration, dealing with injuries sustained from running, etc. We hope that all of this will boost your spirits and bring out the athlete in you. All you need is a nice pair of quality boots, comfy exercise wear, good music in your ears, and you are good to go.


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