Best Stretches & Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is among the most common health conditions in America today. A survey by Statista last year reported that 29% of all people who suffered from back pain attributed to stress as the causing factor.    26% believed weak muscles and lack of workouts was the reason. Another 26% felt it was due to physical work.

Naturally, health experts were not so happy with the findings. They believed, not just Back Pain but most health problems were originating out of poor lifestyle.

More people have reported back pain in the recent times, especially lower back pain. While lifestyle triggered pain can be managed by sticking to disciplined routine, healthy foods and living patterns, pain from injuries and other complications needs medical attention.

Strains, Ligament tear, Sciatica, Disc problem can aggravate if not attended to. What’s disturbing, is that most people don’t feel the need to see a doctor unless it becomes grave. Self medication, Google assistance and home remedies are rampant among modern day population.


Let me highlight a few facts –

  • 190% percent of people generally don’t care to find out the actual reason behind back pain. Only 10% are serious and go the extra mile.
  • 2More than half of all pregnant women, report back pain during their gestation period. Almost equal number of people working in offices complain of the same.
  • 3Women tend to report the problem more than men. The ratio is good 1/3rd as compared to 1/4th of male population.

See this wonderful infographic on lower back stretches & exercises from HealthofBack.  


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