Early Warning Signs Of Mental Health Illnesses [Infographic]

Mental health illnesses have become a topic of concern due to the pandemic. But mental health issues existed long before the global outbreak, and they will continue to do so in the future.

Unfortunately, most people still don’t know how to detect mental health illnesses in themselves or their friends and family.

The lack of education has led to people having to live with mental illness with little to no recourse for getting better or managing their illness.

In a move to educate more people, leading health organizations have begun creating mental health infographics, like the one we have shared here.

These graphics help educate people on issues related to mental health and how to recognize signs of illness.

What are the 8 warning signs of mental illness?

  1. Difficulty concentrating
  2. Substance abuse
  3. Drastic weight changes
  4. Intense emotions
  5. Mood changes
  6. Physical symptoms
  7. Physical harm
  8. Behavior changes

Human emotions are wide-ranging and can fluctuate due to stress. But when people feel strong emotions for long periods, and it affects how they relate to others, it could be a sign of distress.

Unless an event has taken place that has caused changes in a person’s mood, sudden or shifting mood changes could also be a warning sign.

Lack of concentration and the urge to withdraw from people and activities that were once enjoyed are also signs of mental health illness.


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