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We all know that cooking and eating meals at home together as a family is healthier and less costly than eating out, but in today’s fast-paced world we don’t always have the time, and many of us still just don’t know how to cook. In fact, more than a quarter of American adults don’t know how to cook, and in 2015 restaurant sales surpassed grocery store sales. And it’s not just eating out that can be unhealthy – poor food preparation methods can also lead to illness. How can you learn to cook safely and break the restaurant habit?

Food preparation rules are there to ensure you don’t suffer from foodborne illness. It’s always better to observe these safety rules and more:

  • Wash hands before and after touching food, and keep your work area clean and sanitized
  • Keep raw foods separate from foods meant to be eaten without cooking, from grocery store to fridge to prep area
  • Don’t reuse plates, utensils, cutting surfaces, or anything that has touched raw meat
  • Cook to the appropriate temperature for each food
  • Hold foods at safe temperatures until it is time to serve
  • Only reheat leftovers once and then discard

There are also apps and gadgets that can help you learn to cook and learn to cook safely. Learn more about cooking tips and tech from this infographic!



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