Green Healing and How You Can Heal Your Body by Being In Nature

Being in the nature is not just mentally invigorating, but physically beneficial as well. Our bodies are not cut out for sedentary lifestyles, yet we sit more than we sleep! We spend majority of our day either in the office, on a desk, or commuting to and fro work. This unhealthy lifestyle leads to multiple chronic health issues. Being in the nature allows us to take a walk in the park or a dip in the lake, giving our bodies the much needed exercise. Moreover, indoor air quality has been found to be very low, and being indoors would mean us inhaling toxic paint fumes or animal dander. Going out in mother nature gives us a breath of fresh air, literally. Moreover, being in the sun gives us our daily dose of Vitamin D, which our diet may not give sufficient quantities of. Being in  nature also has amazing health benefits  on our brain such as boosting our short-term memory and increasing our concentration. Being out also gives our eyes a break from our smartphones which can cause Computer Vision Syndrome. To top it, nature is found to have a calming effect on our bodies, resetting our circadian rhythm and helping us get a good night’s sleep. This infographic gives you a snapshot of all the lovely benefits you get when you step out.


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Written by Danielle White
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