Seniors And The Internet: What You Need To Know

Social networking sites have been known to hold the attention primarily of teenagers and young adults. However, in recent times, the older generation aged 50 and above has started showing an interest in these sites too.

One of the reasons for this newly cultivated interest is their ability to use them to reconnect with friends from their past. Another reason is that they can shop online, look up information about their interests, and play games.

Simply put, older adults can use the internet to gain new information, connect with family and friends, follow up on current happenings, or build an online presence. Check out the latest infographic by below for more info and stats about how and why the elderly use the world wide web.

A considerable number of older citizens have caught on as 71% of them use it every day or almost every day, while 11% go online three to five times a week. That’s a leap from the year 2000 when only 14% of seniors used the internet for any purpose.

These days, 20% of grannies use emails to keep in touch and 55% use social networks to keep up with a specific group or organization. Another 53% uses the internet to learn about health care or medical issues.

Whatever category your granny falls into, there is no doubt that the technological gap between the younger and the older generation is finally closing up.

Even older citizens with long-term illness realized that using the internet can provide them with the much needed support. For example, they can join targeted forums and talk about their illnesses without fear, shame, or judgment.

In other words, online health forums help seniors to not only understand their pains but also find tips on how to deal with them.


There are many other reasons why adults are turning to the internet and why others should join in the trend. Keep scrolling and check out the infographic below.

Barbara J Huck
18. February 2019
Barbara J Huck
18. February 2019
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