Stop Giving These Toxins A Pass

Everything is toxic. OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but there are lots of things that aren’t great for us and they’re hidden in items we use on a daily basis. Don’t be alarmed, you can keep your eyes out for them pretty easily, it just takes a little extra care and reading. Let’s tighten our attention to the sneaky toxins around us.


  • The scoop: Companies cut corners in creating their products. It’s no secret that creating something cost effective that isn’t as good as a more regimented alternative is a commonly used product development strategy. These companies thrive off loopholery to put their products–marginally safe, at best–in your hands and more money in their pockets. Don’t let deals dupe you into dubious acquisitions.
  • The dirt: Chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, and apparel. These are the big 4 of subversive toxins. They’re tough to gauge because they make up so much of everyday use, that sometimes we don’t notice our water bottles, the spray we clean the kitchen counter with, or our favorite lipstick. What about the toys your children play with? Or the weed killer used in your yard? There are safe alternatives to all of these that help avoid toxic consequences.
  • The action: You control what comes into your home, which means you have a responsibility to take the time to research what you’re letting in. Toxins in products don’t just walk through your door and make themselves a part of your life, you bring them home with you. Little Trojan Horses disguised as harmless commonplace items. Let’s not allow them to lay siege!



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Written by Danielle White
Medical Writer & Editor

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