The Art and Science of Purpose

If you could do one thing today to help yourself live a longer and more meaningful life, what would it be? You could start drinking more water or start going for a walk every day. If you’re already doing those things, you could start working to cultivate a sense of purpose in your life – people who have a sense of purpose have a 15% lower risk of early death. But how can you get started?

Building and growing a career is just one thing that can give you a sense of purpose, but if you don’t build an identity outside of that career you can find yourself feeling lost after your career is over. It’s the same with parenting – building a family and raising your children can be very rewarding, but if that is the only part of your identity that gives you purpose you will struggle when you become an empty-nester.

Cultivating a strong sense of purpose that will endure all the trials and tribulations of life could mean becoming active in a religion, practicing Yoga every day as a way of life, or cultivating strong friendships. When you have something in your life giving you purpose, it makes you feel as though you can conquer anything that comes your way.

Learn more about cultivating a sense of purpose and how that can help you live a longer and healthier life.


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