The Health Benefits of Gaming

There are many things that you probably think are healthy: yoga, kale smoothies, Wheatgrass, mindfulness, for example. However, it is just as likely that there are some things that you have tried to avoid because you think they are bad for your health: chocolate, alcohol, and playing on video games. However, you would be wrong about at least one of these things. Current research shows that gaming can actually be good for your health, despite popular prejudice.

Studies and empirical evidence have shown that gaming can be good for you in a number of ways.

Key Points:

  • 1Gaming can strengthen certain areas of your brain. These include the parts of your brain responsible for spatial awareness, motor skills, memory and long term planning.
  • 2Gaming can benefit people who have been through traumatic events, as studies have shown that playing video games can reduce the trauma and chronic pain of those that have been involved in accidents.
  • 3Gaming has improved the general health of those who have been studied for a period whilst they played games.

Not everything that you previously thought was bad for you is actually beneficial.   But there is strong evidence that gaming can be incredibly beneficial for your cognitive health.

We advise you to dust of that old PlayStation that has been lying unused in the loft for years. It’s good for you!

To find out more about the surprising health effects of gaming, see the infographic below produced by those at Computer Planet.


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