The Health Connection Between Your Mouth & Body

While it’s easy to think of your oral health as separate from your overall health, the truth is that every system of your body is interconnected. What happens in the mouth affects the body, and what happens in the body affects the mouth. That’s why dental health issues concern more than just oral hygiene.

Believe it or not, many illnesses can have an impact on your body as well as your mouth. Here are a few examples:

  • Heart Disease –Research suggests a connection between heart disease and periodontal disease. Although the link hasn’t been proven, it’s another reason why you may want to be diligent in maintaining your oral health.
  • Respiratory illness – The oral bacteria associated with tooth plaque can affect more than your teeth. As you breathe it in, it can harm your respiratory system and, in some cases, even lead to pneumonia.
  • Certain cancers – A majority of pancreatic cancer patients also reported periodontal disease, according to one study, suggesting another association between a serious physical illness and poor oral health.

To see other ways oral health affects the body – and vice versa – take a look at the attached resource. In it, you’ll discover other serious health connections between your mouth and body.

Author bio: Teresa Tuttle is Marketing Director for  Grove Dental Associates, a multi-specialty group dental practice in Chicago’s western suburbs. With more than 30 doctors and 50 years of practice experience, Grove Dental’s offices stay on the cutting edge of dentistry to better serve patients.  


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