Three Major Trends In The Healthcare Industry

Humanity’s drive to create better healthcare services is neverending. As such, there’s an endless stream of new technology and trends that continue to shape the healthcare industry. Here’s a quick look at the biggest trends that are making waves now.

Advancing American Kidney Health

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently launched a new initiative called Advancing American Kidney Health. This new initiative not only hopes to improve the lives of those suffering from renal diseases, but it also hopes to lessen the cost of treatment and medicine in relation to kidney care.

Moreover, the Advancing American Kidney Health initiative also hopes to lessen the amount of Americans developing kidney diseases in the future.

Better Digital Security For Healthcare Organizations

A majority of healthcare organizations are making their digital transformation bids this year. However, the healthcare industry remains to be a big target for data breaches in 2020. That said, experts are claiming that healthcare organizations are taking bigger steps toward improving their digital security. This includes better employee training and bigger investments in digital and physical security measures.

Virtual Reality In Healthcare

According to recent statistics, the global virtual reality market in the healthcare industry will reach $3,441 million by 2027. In healthcare,   technology is used to help medical professionals study diseases at a closer angle. Aside from that, it helps provide better training for up and coming medical practitioners by giving them hands-on training without creating any risks for patients.

As virtual and augmented reality improves in the next couple of years, we can expect better healthcare services from professionals that have access to advanced training materials.


The healthcare industry is improving in more ways than we can imagine. Beyond better healthcare services and more successful treatments, many are expecting the cost of healthcare to drop substantially in the next couple of years as well.


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