Trend Culture In The Healthcare Sector

Fad diets, fad fashions, fad healthcare? It seems like trends are just another way we live our lives these days. Our culture is built around the rapid change in what is socially acceptable. But how does that apply to health care? 2020 was a year full of change, trends, and uncertainty and all those factors had an effect on the way we view healthcare now in 2021.

Some of the quickest growing trends in healthcare are telehealth, primary and community care, drive through medicine, emergency visits, and aging in place. Some of these are obvious considering our current health crisis. For example, Telehealth requests have increased by 154% in the last year. Many factors contribute to this rise including stay-at-home orders, triage in hospitals, and a general fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Drive through medicine had proved critical in being able to administer COVID-19 tests, vaccines, and general care. Aging in place has seen a continued emphasis in the wake of COVID-19 based on the age demographic that has been majorly affected by this pandemic.

The rise in trends related to healthcare also has a direct relationship with the rise in healthcare jobs. In a period that spans through May 2020 through November 2020, we saw the number of registered nurses rise by one hundred and fifty-five thousand, ninety-five thousand certified nursing assistants, fifty-two thousand nurse practitioners, and ninety-eight thousand licensed practical nurses. The call for public health was imminent and many rose to meet the ongoing trends that a pandemic demanded.

We have covered trends in health-care and health workers but what about personal care? Understandably, one of the biggest trends in primary care has been the insurance of stay at home visits. These trends could potentially have the biggest impact on the healthcare sector since the effects can and will outlast the pandemic.


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