What Is Type 2 Diabetes In Plain English

One of the top frustrations that diabetics have is that Type 2 Diabetes can be hard to wrap your head around. Especially if you are newly diagnosed. That’s because so much of the online information on diabetes gets compilated and uses a lot of medical terms and jargon. And the information you’ll get at the doctor’s office feels like it’s written for doctors more than patients!

It’s so important for diabetics to understand their condition. Education can make the difference between succeeding with diabetes or letting it take control over you.

Diabetes education is even more important in light of another big frustration that people with type 2 diabetes live with… other people telling them what to do. Other people can have good intentions, but they rarely understand the disease and can give outdated, or even harmful advice. That’s why it’s good to do your own research. It’s your life. Your body. And your decision to make sure that you understand type 2 diabetes.

These two things: confusing medical writing and the misinformed general public make it especially hard for beginner diabetics to get started on their journeys to health. The good news is that there ARE good educational resources out there that can help. They can help you learn about diabetes Type 2 from the ground up. So that you first understand the basics before getting more complicated.

One of the best resources out there is this educational guide by CuraLife. It’s called “What is Diabetes in Plain English”, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s an infographic that will take you about 10 minutes to read through. Once you’re finished, you will know a LOT more about diabetes.


We first shared this on Facebook and the comments showed how much people appreciated the simple approach taken in this guide. It starts with the basics and then gets into some management techniques you should discuss with your doctor. By the time you’re done with the short guide, you’ll feel like you know so much more about diabetes. Let us know what you think!


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