Almost Any Amount of Exercise May Help Older Men Win Longevity Race

Almost Any Amount of Exercise May Help Older Men Win Longevity Race

Exercise is vitally important for overall health. There is new research that examined the benefits of physical activity in men. A study was conducted in which men’s activity levels were assessed and then followed over a six year period. Researchers found that for every 30 additional sedentary minutes in a day, men were more likely to die than those men who attained higher levels of physical activity. Although it is well known that moderate to intensive exercise is beneficial,  even a light amount of exercise may aid in extending the lifespan. The suggested amount is a minimum of 150 minutes per week. This time does not have to be consecutive, and will be beneficial whether completed in short bursts of time or longer periods of time. Some limitations of the study explained in this article include the specificity of the accelerometers that measured the physical activity of men. Additionally, those that chose to wear the accelerometers for the study tended to be younger and more physically fit. These variables could have impacted results of the study. Despite these limitations, the article stresses that any level of exercise has various benefits for overall health.

Key Points:

  • 1Men will benefit from any amount of exercise.
  • 2Just a half hour of light activity was associated with a 17% drop in death rates.
  • 3Exercise seems to directly link to longevity.

Every extra half hour of light activity, however, was associated with 17 percent lower odds of death.

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