How Scrabble Affects the Way You Use Your Brain

How Scrabble Affects the Way You Use Your Brain

Brain training games, plenty of advertisements are floating around there for you to enhance your brain’s ability. But what if you don’t want to play on your phone? What about a classic game? Enter, Scrabble, a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto a game board divided into 15 x 15 grids of squares. The tiles must form words that, in crossword fashion, read left to right in rows or downwards in columns. And can be included in a standard dictionary. In a 2015 study of competitive scrabble players, researchers found that scrabble experts made use of a different area of the brain during vocabulary decisions, compared to subjects with little to no scrabble expertise. This means playing scrabble could be beneficial to people with neurodegenerative disorders that target a particular part of the brain. Here are some more ways scrabble affects your brain.


Enriches Vocabulary 

It’s not surprising that playing scrabble can teach you new words. It’s especially painful when you learn the word at the cost of an important square on the board and a smug look on your opponent’s face. For those still learning it could be of great benefit to use this resource to help them learn more words for a better chance at healthy competition with veteran scrabble players. Because learning new vocabulary is made easy and fun by scrabble it is also a great choice to get kids to improve their language skills. 



Mostly concerned with words, scrabble is not an extremely strategic game. It is not only enough to be knowledgeable about what words you can make with your tiles, but it is also important to be able to place them strategically on the board to maximize your point gain. Certain squares on the board are designated with double or triple word bonuses. These are highly sought after spots and using uncommon letters and words in combination with these spots score massive points. Be on the lookout for them!


Improves Attention

Focus is a rare commodity these days. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and we are constant