iHear Medical Indiegogo Campaign

iHear Medical Indiegogo Campaign

According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 billion people, worldwide are denied the joy of hearing clearly, or at all, with many millions of those individuals living in the US. And yet only a fraction of that amount use a hearing aid. Yet, there is no doubt that a substantial amount would benefit from using one. Barriers, such as cost, embarrassment, poor screening and lack of health coverage can stop possible users from acquiring a hearing aid. Yet, hearing loss, which can worsen over time, due to aging, or noise factors, can lead to isolation and negative mood shifts. iHear Medical, directed by CEO Adnan Shennib, is a silicone valley enterprise, bent on creating better and more affordable solutions for hearing loss. Although creating products for hearing loss for almost a quarter of a century, the company has not penetrated the gulf between the need for their products and getting them to those that need them. Until now. With cutting edge technology which dramatically reconfigures the process of diagnosing hearing loss and getting a custom-fitted hearing device, iHear Medical has put the reins in the hands of the consumer. This in itself dramatically shifts costs downwards, thereby making high quality hearing devices available to a far wider array of those that need one. With a starting price that averages less than a tenth of more expensive and less well-made varieties, the iHear Medical device is an extremely effective and discreet.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1350 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. 40 million in the U.S. alone suffer from hearing loss.
  • 2iHear medical is a company that plans to remove the barriers that keep people from hearing devices. They did this by making it smaller and customizable by the user. They also made it so the hearing aid will use software using a personal computer and reduced the cost to under $500 per ear.
  • 3it is completely digitized and USB connected. integrating modern technology into hearing aids can greatly reduce the cost making them more available to the hearing impaired.

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