Men’s Health: Men Want to Take More Control

Men’s Health: Men Want to Take More Control

It is usually a struggle to get a man to go to see a doctor. whether it be a routine check up, physical, or a procedure getting a man in there is hard. Now a days though men are being much more aware of their health and are going the extra mile to take much better care of themselves then before. Studies show that men have definitely put that stereotype to rest once and for all. Its publication of the study which was in November has changed the game to “Movember” which is the month of Men’s Health. It shows that most men want to take care of their health but are embarrassed to go see a doctor and others just don’t know where to start. Now it is much easier for men to get their health needs fulfilled, which will lead to a much longer and healthier lifestyle and that is always good. So keep it up men we won’t you guys around just as long as us.

Key Points:

  • 1The idea that, when it comes to health, men are reckless or clueless fools is a simplistic caricature that has been blown away.
  • 2Poor health is not inevitable for men. It is not genetic in origin, except perhaps to a small degree.
  • 3Men’s health is far worse than it need be. From a global perspective, the gap between male and female life expectancy is significant: in 1980, men’s lives were, on average, four years shorter than women’s; by 2015, the difference was six years; and, by 2030, the male:female health ‘gap’ is predicted to grow to seven years.

Globally, men can expect a ‘healthy life expectancy’ that is three years below women’s

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