Exercise and Dieting Tied to Reduced Disability in Obese Older Adults

Obese older adults can still improve their quality of life by adding exercise to their routine.  A recent study looked at 180 generally healthy, sedentary, non-smoking, obese adults aged 65 to 79.  All participants were put into a supervised exercise program.  They were divided into 3 groups: exercise only; exercise and 250 calories less than […]

Older Women Still Need Bone Checks to Prevent Fractures

As women age and enter the elderly range, they become increasingly susceptible to bone loss. This osteoporosis leaves them with less bone density, which opens them up to a greater risk of suffering fractures. Doctors are recommending more intensive osteoporosis screening, especially as the United States population’s average lifespan continues to increase and more people […]

Anxiety Tied to Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Women

As women age, they start to become more at risk for fracturing a bone. Older women who experience symptoms of anxiety are even more at risk for not just fractures, but overall reduced skeletal health. New research looked at women past menopause. Women who reported low overall levels of anxiety had only a twenty percent […]

Young couple Jogging

What Exercises You Can Do in Your 20s and 30s to Slow Down Aging

Everyone knows that their bodies will age with time, and that, unfortunately, in many regards, they will lose their peak abilities after a certain age. However, that doesn’t mean that one needs to be complacent and just give in to the passage of time. More and more, we’re seeing older and older adults as living […]

Almost Any Amount of Exercise May Help Older Men Win Longevity Race

Exercise is vitally important for overall health. There is new research that examined the benefits of physical activity in men. A study was conducted in which men’s activity levels were assessed and then followed over a six year period. Researchers found that for every 30 additional sedentary minutes in a day, men were more likely […]