The Reality of Inflammation

The Reality of Inflammation

Today, I want to give you my number one reason for using exogenous Ketones and why so many people across the nation are using a new drink called Keto-OS and seeing incredible results.  One of the greatest components of a ketone is it’s combat with inflammation. Let’s begin with inflammation. Is it a good or bad thing?

Our physical wellbeing is something that most of us are concerned with each and every day. We all want to do what’s best for our health so that we can live long and happy lives. That pursuit becomes difficult however with the variety of opinions that surrounds us.

With so much contradictory information floating around, it’s no surprise that inflammation has become one of the most misunderstood aspects of the healing process. After all, we’re constantly hearing about how chronic inflammation leads to all sorts of serious health problems like heart disease and cancer. As the old saying goes, too much of anything isn’t good for you. The same holds true when it comes to inflammation.

In reality, inflammation is a very necessary part of our body’s healing process. When muscle tissue becomes damaged, inflammation helps your body to get rid of debris left behind by dead or damaged cells. Inflammation occurs for a variety of reasons including major muscular trauma, poor diet and even something as minor as a paper cut.

Regardless of the cause of your inflammation, it’s important to realize that it’s a necessary part of the healing process and that your body is trying to tell you something.

What’s Going On?

If you’ve become injured at all during your lifetime, you’ve probably experienced inflammation to some extent. However, it doesn’t require something major like an injury for your muscles to become enflamed. Your body becomes inflamed to some degree every time you finish an intense workout. Your muscles or joints become stiff and sore, limiting your range of motion drastically.

No need to worry. That’s just your body looking out for you.

When you hurt yourself, the injured area becomes inflamed as a protective measure to prevent further injury. Your body essentially creates a natural cast or splint to limit the amount of motion in that area. It’s the limited motion that gives your injury the time it needs to heal properly.

What Should You Do?

There is a lot of debate about how inflammation should be dealt with. One of the most commonly accepted solutions is a technique known as R.I.C.E,which stands for Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.This is the go-to ritual for many people any time they become injured.

The general idea behind using this method is to reduce inflammation and therefore speed the healing process. However, the icing step is cause for debate due to a multitude of studies that have found that icing may actually slow your body’s ability to heal itself by causing the inflammation process to last longer.

Alternating heat and ice is another method typically used to reduce the amount of pain experienced during an injury. Unfortunately, multiple studies have found that icing an injury can actually slow the healing process by restricting blood vessels in that area. It’s also important to realize that pain is your body trying to prevent you from injuring yourself any further. If your muscles or joints are sore you’ll automatically avoid using them until they’re properly healed.

When it comes to minor muscular damage like that experienced after intense exercise, it’s critical to allow your body to follow its natural healing process. While it may be uncomfortable at times, if you allow yourself to heal properly you lower the chance of a repeat injury. Inflammation actually helps your muscles to become stronger, reducing soreness and damage in the future.

Don’t make it a Habit

While inflammation is highly beneficial to the healing process, it’s important to be aware of any areas that regularly become inflamed for extended periods of time. Chronic inflammation can cause all sorts of ongoing health problems. When you regularly injure joints and muscles, or when excessive cellular damage is experienced, that’s when inflammation may start to cause you trouble.

If an area of your body becomes injured for long periods of time you naturally shift your posture and the way you move in order to prevent pain and protect the weakened area. When you abruptly change the way you move for an extended time you’re likely to put added stress on other areas of your body, causing other injuries to occur more easily.

Maximizing your Potential

Whether you’re a high level athlete or not, concern about chronic inflammation weighs heavy on individuals who regularly push their bodies to the extreme.

This leaves a lot of athletes searching for ways to minimize the healing process. A natural compound known as BHB or a ketone may be able to help limit the amount of inflammation that you experience from exercise or injury.

A study conducted at the Yale School of Medicine found that by increasing the amount of BHB produced by your body you can decrease your chances of developing a variety of inflammatory disorders including heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

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The amount of BHB that you produce can be naturally increased by following a ketogenic diet, which greatly reduces your caloric intake while increasing your level of healthy fats.

Beyond a healthy diet, BHB can also be found in a variety of supplements, allowing you to increase its presence in your system without having to drastically reduce your caloric intake. Supplements containing BHB or Keto-OS can be incredibly helpful to those of us have difficulties following such strict form of dieting.

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, supplements containing Keto-OS can greatly improve your muscular healing process. Just remember that taking supplements isn’t a free pass to practice unhealthy behaviors.

Dietary Changes

You may not realize it but even if you think you live a pretty healthy lifestyle you may be causing your muscles to heal more slowly by increasing the level of inflammation that occurs. People often make the mistake of believing that exercise alone will produce quick results when they want to get in shape or lose weight. If you really want to see results it’s important to understand how much a poor diet can slow your progress.

By consuming a diet that is high in sugar, you’re increasing the level of insulin your body produces which causes your immune system to react in order stabilize itself. Since your immune system is responsible for signaling the inflammation process, causing your insulin levels to spike can take much needed attention away from your muscles. These competing processes create a lack of resources causing your body to become more inflamed and for a longer period of time. While it’s definitely an essential part of the growth process, inflammation needs to subside for your body to work normally again.

Fried foods and many types of processed meats have a similarly negative effect on your system. Many of these foods have a high level of omega-6 fatty acids which promote inflammation after periods of intense activity. Inflammation beyond what your body would normally produce only slows your healing progress and heightens the risk of the inflammation becoming chronic.

Although inflammation may not be as bad as it’s been made out to be, it’s still important to be aware any time that it occurs. Allowing inflammation to happen too often may put you at a higher risk of chronic health problems. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and allow injuries to heal properly, you can rest easy knowing that inflammation is on your side.  If you would like to add Keto-OS into your daily regime to help combat inflammation just order here…


Abigail is from Kansas City, Kansas. She began her journey in the Health industry as a personal trainer/ nutritionist. She became a group instructor for Kansas State University and was the strength and conditioning coach for Manhattan Christian College women's basketball Team. During that time she began the hobby of competing and then on to coaching women to stage and keyed in on her passion for research and writing. She quickly became a featured model/ writer for many magazines, newspapers and websites. After a few years, she hung up her heels and created her company Absrenewal. She wanted to stay home with her daughter and began coaching hundreds of people from all demographics across the nation through her Absrenewal lifestyle System programs. She is an innovator in the health industry with a fierce passion to help people and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. She is a public speaker on lifestyle and the benefits of a higher fat and lower carb paradigm. This past year she teamed with a company called Pruvit and helped launch the first exogenous ketones to the public. She is also the owner of a seasonal Online Tea Company called Castle and Fables.

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