3 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score has a greater impact on your life than you think. Whether you’re making a decision about a car you’ve kept your eye on, or even looking for a new place to live; you can be denied if your credit score does not meet a certain standard. However, there are ways to prevent being denied from that fancy car you’ve been wanting! Make sure to check out your FICO score, an average FICO score is 695, but anything above 740 will give you the best rates on loans! Also, you must be aware that there may be an error in your credit score. Always check and review your credit score to make sure there is no false information.

Key Points:

  • 1The most commonly used credit score is your FICO score. This score can impact everything from getting a lower interest rate on a loan to getting a better job.
  • 2Your FICO score is determined by credit data such as new credit, types of credit in use, length of credit history,the amounts you owe, and late payments.
  • 3Most people under thirty make a major credit mistake, however through hard work and some time it is fixable.

Move over GPA, there’s another number that has an even greater effect on your lifestyle and future now that you’re out in the real world–your credit score.

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