The holidays bring a fiscal crunch just as surely as they do a frenzy of visitors, event planning, and dealing with the in-laws. Most everyone you interact with during the silly season has a gift due them, and those gifts can add up as you fill out your Santa list and get them wrapped. And let’s not forget the mailman and lawn guy; they’re special too.

Online shopping can help stretch your gift giving dollar by tapping into the cost savings inherent in a retail operation that sheds the costs of storefronts and floor staff. But even that isn’t enough sometimes. Some additional tips can come in handy at that point.

Coupons are still a thing, even at Internet retailers. Many offer coupon codes, and the codes can be utilized during the checkout procedure to know additional dollars off the total before you pay and the warehouse swings into gear to send the purchases on their way to you. Check popular coupon code sites to see what’s available.

Some retailers offer additional items with your orders. Some of these extras could be pressed into service to further weigh down your Santa bag; especially since, sometimes, the extra items aren’t something you otherwise have a specific use for. And don’t forget, many retailers offer bundle discounts; so organize your shopping to take advantage.

Key Points:

  • 1Coupons aren’t just for the mall; online retailers offer coupon codes that can save big bucks too.
  • 2Some Internet retailers offer free products with your orders, and these extras can be pressed into service as additional holiday gifts.
  • 3By bundling your internet purchases into larger orders, you will often receive extra value in the form of bonus products or free shipping; take advantage.

If you’re watching your budget, online shopping could make you less likely to accidentally spend more on yourself while you walk through the store or wait in line at the checkout counter.


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