4 Unexpected Costs When Leaving Your Parents’ Nest

As a teenager you can’t wait to spread your wings and leave home for the first time to live in your own place. This article helps to understand that there are plenty of added expenses besides just your rent that you may have forgotten about. But there are tips and budgeting ideas that can help make the wallet a little fuller instead of a constant bill overload every month. Living independently can pose a real challenge. On top of rent you have car, phone, electric, grocery, garbage and everyday expenses that you have to pay, on time every single month. To have an idea of some easy tricks to lower the bills is knowledge everyone should know. Whether it be couponing or low budget shopping there are ways to help make life a little easier.

Key Points:

  • 1Moving out of your parents home is more expensive then you would anticipate.
  • 2Furnishing all the things you need to start a home is more expensive then you think. Silverware, rugs, and decorations.
  • 3Eating out is expensive, but eating in is still costly.

“Here are a few commonly overlooked costs associated with an independent lifestyle that you should prepare for before you pack your boxes.”

Read the full article at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jennifercalonia/2016/02/18/4-unexpected-costs-when-leaving-your-parents-nest/


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