5 Keys to Staying Healthy When Unemployed

In today’s America, when your employment ends and you’re faced with losing your healthcare coverage, there are generally only two options to select from. First, you can go with the COBRA act and pick up the tab for your previously employer supported healthcare coverage yourself. Or you can turn to the Affordable Care Act’s state level medical insurance marketplaces to find a plan to replace the one you’re leaving behind with your former job. The Affordable Care Act prevents health insurers from using a preexisting condition as a reason to decline coverage, but even with subsidies many can find the medical insurance issue an unwelcome extra hurdle to deal with following the loss of a job.

For those who have a preexisting condition that requires medication or ongoing treatment, it can be even more troublesome. Ensuring medications and necessary supplies are available to treat and manage your medical problem can be problematic. For some patients, like type 2 diabetes sufferers, it can even be life threatening. Sometimes, if you know ahead of time there will be a change in your medical coverage status, you can request a longer term supply of needed medications from your doctor or insurer; most will convert a typical thirty day allotment into a three month supply if requested by the patient.

Key Points:

  • 1Keep your health insurance by purchasing a plan through the state marketplace or extending the coverage you had at your job under COBRA.
  • 2Keep healthy by exercising at home and sticking to nutritious foods.
  • 3Don’t hesitate to share what you’re going through with other people in similar circumstances, and with health care providers.

While living without a steady paycheck, you may be tempted to pinch pennies by making inexpensive but carb-heavy meals or grabbing cheap drive-through options. But that’s a risky move…

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