Are Canadians Happy With Their Healthcare In 2020?

Here are the TOP 3 key things to know:

Something makes the Canadian healthcare system overwhelmingly better, while the Americans suffer from insufficient medical help and overpriced medications.

Americans do not fully understand how complicated the Canadian healthcare system is because Canadians suffer from abnormal taxes on medical servicing and pharma products.   The Canadian healthcare system  is too sanitized  in the media. Americans deserve more than low prices on generic meds and pharmaceutical equipment.

It’s dumb to claim that every American needs urgent help and properly arranged maintenance therapies, not to mention the cost-effective medications. There are two ways of healthcare system development:

  • Let the private sector develop or prevent it from the development;
  • Hand all healthcare regulations to the government and let the authorities rule.

Bernie Sanders,  an American politician,  always says that the USA should consider the Canadian model, which is about full governmental control. Unfortunately, an experienced politician makes a mistake.  What the Americans believe to be perfect healthcare and protection of the citizens is a very sanitized version of a sad reality.


Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Out-of-pocket  costs for Canadians are not significantly lower in comparison to the American ones. The monthly difference is about $15. Besides, the taxes on medical services and pharma products for them are about  50% more  than an American would pay.  Of course, they do have access to a broader range of medications, including renowned generics. The Canadian government lets the independent and legal  pharmaceutical manufacturers sell generic drugs in Canada and over the border.


Different from  Medicare for All  Public System

The renowned Canadian health insurance does not cover many issues. Some treatments and after-surgery maintenance are not available for the majority of insured clients. Dental healthcare services and  nursing home  costs are overwhelming.


Socialized Medicine & The Canadians

Many Americans will be surprised at how limited the Canadian health insurance coverage is. There’s nothing worse than the Canadian government calls the “universal care”. It implies that all residents of the country follow one specific healthcare plan “universal” for all. Everyone has to become a part of this system, which is not about precision for everyone.

Of course, additional healthcare costs are significantly higher than in Europe and in the United States. Nevertheless, the American public healthcare system is not the worst among the developed countries.


More Things to Know

Yes, the Canadians try hard to save on the manufacture of the meds. Unfortunately, they do it through cutting corners on the modern equipment and young, experienced professionals’ help. Besides, the country has trouble with emergency help.

Nevertheless, prices on premium quality Canadian drugs are lower than in the US, which still makes the American residents consider Canada a positive example. Many American residents can’t start ED treatment without insulting consultations with local medical practitioners. If a consultation is sufficient,  there’s  always trouble with the  brand meds  prices sold in the US.


Canadian Healthcare Achievements in 2020?

2020 has brought three layers of healthcare coverage to the residents of the country:

  1. Stable public healthcare services, including the hospitals, physicians, and diagnostics;
  2. Mixed services for patients who need prescription drugs, long-term hospital care, home care, and mental health care;
  3. Targeted private healthcare services with private funding, including dental care, outpatient physiotherapy, vision care, and complementary healthcare.


Main Canadian Healthcare Breakthroughs

The main breakthroughs the Canadians are fond of are:

  • Pablum  –  a potent, mineral-enriched  vitamin;
  • Insulin  –  one of the top discoveries of  Sir Frederick Banting  at the beginning of the 20th  century;
  • Med containers protecting the kids from hazardous products;
  • Open-heart surgery breakthroughs in the middle of the 20th  century;
  • Stem cells transplantation  –  one of the chief breakthroughs according to the  scientific community  opinion;
  • Cancer research  –  a “sharp-shooter” drug invented in 2013.

It’s reasonable to say that the Canadian pharmaceutical and healthcare systems have drawbacks. Nevertheless, if something makes ordinary Americans search for the Canadian replacements of basic meds which is proven by, the American government should have a profound conversation on how to make regular pills accessible.


Canadian Healthcare: Benefits & Drawbacks

What Works:

  • Universal healthcare governmental support perfectly works for all basic healthcare needs of Canadians.
  • The standards of care are very high, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction problems, and more have to face the operative work of the medical staff once you enter the system.
  • Healthcare funding does not go to the government. It gets back to the pharmaceutical business. The system is not perfect, but it’s evident that the Americans involved in drug tourism are interested in it.

What Does not Work:

  • The system is costly. The medications are cheap, but the treatment processes, including complex operations and unique healthcare conditions treatment, will be pricey.
  • The Canadian healthcare system is slow at times. It’s not urgent enough.
  • Not all Canadians get the same level of treatment. It’s a regional problem. People from resource-rich provinces get better medical services.


Bottom Line: Do Canadians Like Their Healthcare System?

It’s hard to say whether the Canadian healthcare system is perfect or not. We also can’t say that the Canadians are fond of it. There’s a list of imperfections one cannot ignore. Of course, benefits exist. It’s partially cost-effective when it comes to low-priced drugs. There is an impressive choice of medications and pharma tools that cost significantly cheaper than in the United States.   Nevertheless, there’s a need for modernization. Canadian pharmacies is among the most popular in the world, thanks to the pricing policy and reliable products.    Unfortunately, it happens due to cutting corners on medical equipment and productive tools for hospitals.

While the American citizens suffer from the over-priced medications distributed by the brands within the borders of the country, the Canadians suffer from insufficient medical services and high taxes on out-of-the-pocket costs.

Another trouble that the Canadians are afraid of is the shortage of drugs on the territory of the country because of massive  over-the-border  orders. They hope that the American government will manage to regulate the prices of pharma products in their country, as well as the activity of the brand pharmaceutical companies.



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