The Best (And Worst) Jobs For Aging Boomers

This article discusses an index used to rate aging workers’ susceptibility to conditions that would cause them to retire. Blue collar workers are more likely to experience conditions over time that would cause them to need to stop what they are doing. Explosive strength (one of the measurements on the index) is needed by some blue-collar workers to perform their jobs. Not surprisingly, this ability runs out faster than say math skills needed by white collar workers. Alternatively, some white collar abilities decline rapidly over time such as rapid decision making skills, which affects CEOs for example.

My job, office clerk, ranks 169th with a percentage of 17.60. I could see that because I have to remember a lot in my job and memory declines with age. This article was interesting to me because it contrasts with the seemingly inevitable movement nationally to later retirement.

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The Best (And Worst) Jobs For Aging Boomers


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