My Dad’s Career Tip That I Live By Every Day

In a tribute to her father for this upcoming Father’s Day, Kerry Hannon recalls the life lessons her father instilled in her, and how that translated to giving her the confidence to reach for her dream jobs. Together, they are brave and thorough, creating manageable plans with which to take dreams jobs and turn them into actualized careers. Her tone through the piece is that of a mature business woman who knew at an early age how important her fathers advice was, but realized how true it was as she continued to grow and mature in her career in journalism. She also recalls how her father drove her to New York City from Pittsburgh for her chance interview with Forbes Magazine. In it, she recalls her own uncertainty and gumption in taking a risk on the interview. But she also, touchingly, recalls how it also took bravery on the part of her father for taking her there, a pivotal point in a fathers relationship with his adult daughter. Over all, it is a wonderful tribute to a father who’s solid work ethics, can-do attitude and love live in in his daughter’s flourishing career.

Key Points:

  • 1No one is going to do your work for you to advance your career, it is in your hands.
  • 2You should always ask “how can you?”, instead of listening to those who tell you that you can’t.
  • 3You have to dream, whether that is about a better life, or a better job.

Whenever I asked his counsel about a goal I had, he would always ask, “How can you?” even when others were telling me I couldn’t. He never once doubted that I could.

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