Expert Financial Planning Tips For 2017

Forbes Magazine has a new article to help you with financial planning for the coming year. With the future uncertain, tips for the new year are a helpful way to make sure you are financially ready. The tips include the old stand-byes such as checking insurance policies for proper coverage, estate planning to help your family in the case of your death, and talking to your significant other about financial matters. Also in this article are hints to maximize your investment portfolio, savings accounts and capital ownership. Remembering to take advantage of any Flexible Spending Accounts your company may offer is also a way to help you manage your funds for the next year. The article encourages talking to a financial planner to assess and assist with risk management of your portfolio, making sure you will have enough money to last you in retirement.

Key Points:

  • 1With the recent surge in equity values, remember that long-term performance, particularly for the portfolios of retirees, is better when the stock allocation is returned to the target allocation on a regular basis.
  • 2Comprehensive financial planning includes estate planning and emergency planning for families. A lot of attention is given to savings for emergencies.
  • 3There are personal savings, employee benefits, and life insurance proceeds that may be available to provide for the needs of the family.

many people will not achieve their financial goals next year or even get started, leaving their future financial security up in the air.

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