The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side: 7 Things To Consider Before You Move To A New Job

Many people begin to think about making changes as the New Year approaches. The best months to look for a new job are said to be January and February. Read on to find out what things to consider when contemplating a job change. Thoughtful review of the benefits, opportunities for growth, and relationships are important aspects to reflect on prior to making a change. These considerations, along with many others are explored more in depth here. Find out if there is room to improve your satisfaction in your current job role or if it is time to try to move on. Don’t make a quick decision on such a crucial aspect of life that you may, in the end, find to be regrettable.

Key Points:

  • 1One of the top reasons people may give for leaving their jobs is a bad relationship with their boss.
  • 2Do not underestimate the value of your healthcare insurance benefits. A $200 spike in your monthly premiums can cost you $2,400 annually pre-tax.
  • 3If you value time off to rest and relax, remember that your tenure has afforded you a certain amount of vacation time that you may lose when you change jobs.

One of the top reasons people may give for leaving their jobs is a bad relationship with their boss. If this is your reason for leaving, first consider voicing your concerns. People are not mind readers and some people are not aware of how they come across to others. Give your boss a chance to resolve the situation with you. If uncomfortable, consider working with your HR department to mediate a discussion between you and your boss.

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