An Hour-By-Hour Guide To Maximizing Your Workday

This article is a good representation of how to get that extra push when it’s time to get your work done. The article goes on to talk about the circadian clock and how this relates to tiredness and lack of energy. The circadian clock syncs your body to the light signals in your environment, as reported by Rebecca Spencer, Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst. The article has different suggestions on how you can be more productive, such as doing tasks when you are most alert and not waiting to mid day or early afternoon when the body is lacking the most energy. Early in the morning or  evening hours are a better time to send and respond to emails for a better result. The tips and the advice provided by this article are  valuable information to becoming more productive.

Key Points:

  • 1Emails sent between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., or around 8 p.m., are about 45% more likely to elicit a response
  • 2When you first get to the office in the morning is when you’re going to be freshest, and that’s the ideal time to do those tasks that are most attention-demanding
  • 3By the end of the first 10 minutes of most presentations, about 80% of the audience has usually checked out mentally

We’ve set up a work schedule that explains the right time to do everything, based on your (and your coworkers’) circadian clock, research on productivity cycles, and other timing insights.

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