Is Obamacare On The Ropes?

As more and more health insurers are pulling their participation in the Affordable Healthcare Act, many Americans are beginning to question Obamacare’s life expectancy. After the recent exit of the largest insurance company in the US, some argue that citizens should not be obligated to pay taxes for services that a business may choose not to provide. Andrew Johnson, founder and author of Bullseye Brief, poses that Obamacare’s viability comes down to who wins the election.

Given the fact that Hillary spearheaded the Affordable Healthcare Act, Johnson projects that a Clinton administration would guarantee Obamacare’s survival. There is even the possibility that she will expand the program through means like incentives for opt-in insurance companies.

Under Trump, the prognosis is grimmer. Conservatives have long contended that private citizens should not be taxed for the public program. Now, with Obamacare’s merits in question, many more are being turned off.

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Is Obamacare On The Ropes?


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