How To Keep Working Into Your 60s And Beyond

With many Americans staying at their careers longer in life than past generations, some may wonder what to expect if they plan to work well into their 60s. It is especially difficult if one wishes to change their career once they are old enough to retire.

Changing your career in late life isn’t easy, so it’s best to plan ahead. Find jobs you might be interested, and learn what you need to achieve to be qualified for those jobs. Make sure you look at pay and benefits, as you’ll need to adjust accordingly for your post-retirement expenses.

Research shows women are most likely to return to work upon retirement

Anyone who plans to change their career while working late in life must know that while it can be done, they should expect to earn a noticeable amount less than they did. At an older age, you are less valuable in the market and cannot expect to lofty wages of your past job.

This also means you need to stay competitive; learn new skills, find some qualifications. Give yourself an edge over younger candidates.

To truly make the most of a late life career, choose a benefits package that will help you best. Two family plans are redundant, so make sure you benefits are synchronized with your partner’s.

Key Points:

  • 1When older workers change occupations later in life they experience a decrease in hourly pay.
  • 2The older workers themselves may be partially responsible for the earnings decrease, strategically trading pay rate for things like flexible work hours.
  • 3Compared to previous generations workers in their 50’s and 60’s are more likely to voluntarily switch jobs to lengthen their work careers.

A study by University of Michigan researchers I just read about in the Squared Away blog from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College noted that “about 40% of Americans who were still working when they turned 62 had moved to a new occupation sometime after age 55.”

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