Laugh Off Expensive Plastic Surgery

Laugh Off Expensive Plastic Surgery

You can laugh off very expensive plastic surgery. It is a much cheaper alternative in the end. A “Happy” face is always beautiful.  Americans have had a strange relationship with plastic surgery. There is a nip here and a tuck here. The costs add up in the end. In 2016, billions of dollars were spent on plastic surgery. There were over 200,000 procedures done within a year.

Botox injections are a very popular one that people do. There are many others as well.

Chemical peels are another one.

Face lifts are another thing that people do and the price of that is very large. It is thousands of dollars for all of the different things involved in this process. There are surgeon fees and anesthesia fees that are part of the overall cost.

Laughter does not cost anything and it will save you a lot of money on face lifts, in the end. It can be very scary to look at the celebrities that got face lifts. Stars rely on their looks a lot of times and that can be a bad thing for them. You are taking a big risk when you decide to get a face lift. It can be something that makes you look a lot worse.

Key Points:

  • 1Two hundred and ninety thousand cosmetic plastic surgeries took place in the US, and each operation cost approximately $4,000.
  • 2The 290,000 procedures do not include other operations such as the 7 million botox injections, 2 million hyaluronic acid filler, 1.3 million chemical peels, or 800,000 microdermabrasions.
  • 3Smiling can eliminate the need for a facelift, and save you $7,048 on average.

Frankly, celebrities and facelifts is like writing about a train wreck; the photos made me cringe.

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