Politicians Need To Change The Conversation On How To Fix Health Care

Politicians Need To Change The Conversation On How To Fix Health Care

Healthcare has turned into a red hot issue in American politics. Everyone is affected by healthcare, especially whether or not they have any. Or can afford it when they inevitably do need to access medical assistance. The public has grown weary of politicians offering media friendly sound bites, and has started to seriously lose confidence that their political representatives are able to address the problems we all face in healthcare.

In America, healthcare has been turned into a profit center. Fee for goods and services, the classic basis of capitalism, has resulted in not just doctors, but a whole host of medically related industries and provides, treating healthcare as a way to make money. They decide how to act not based on what will best heal and help patients, but what will deliver the highest possible profits.

A game of cat and mouse has been ongoing for decades now, as both private and government health insurers create standards and guidelines for how to deliver care, and in how healthcare providers look for ways to sidestep any unprofitable recommendations. The result has been American healthcare costs more than three times as much as any other developed country’s healthcare. This has left patients in the lurch. Those who can access healthcare are spending far more than they should, and many are unable to receive necessary healthcare treatment simply because they don’t have the funds.

Key Points:

  • 1Primary care clinics that handle immunizations, preventive care, reproductive care and chronic disease management would be the first step.
  • 2To attract primary care providers, loan repayment plans and competitive salaries would be necessary.
  • 3Reducing specialists for everything would help reduce costs overall.

Changing the payer system isn’t going to fix the real problem of the underlying cost of care and how it is delivered.

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