How To Profit From The Hot Job Trends In 2017

Job seekers are working hard to discover the best ways to find a good career. Technology allows job hunters to use new methods to improve their chances of scoring a job. Learning how to make a LinkedIn account stand out can help with a job search. The decision to pay for an account or use a free one could make a difference. The headline on your account should stand out to employers. Including information that pertains to the headline can increase the chance of finding an employer. Sharing articles that pertain to a job will create interest in your profile as well. Becoming familiar with the norms and values of a potential employer will aid in your job search. Finally, keep an eye out for skilled trade jobs. The market is growing for this type of employment in the upcoming year.

Key Points:

  • 1I’m delighted to tell you that unlike the two previous jams I attended, the tone of this one was decidedly upbeat about the outlook for job seekers.
  • 2After a rough ride for job seekers, I think the tables are finally turning,
  • 3There was also widespread agreement that many job hunters find LinkedIn intimidating and difficult to use.

The LinkedIn Profile headline can be extremely limiting for such people, these experts acknowledged, especially if you’re juggling multiple income streams as a gig worker.

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