Three Millennial Money Mistakes To Skip

Millennials need to face the facts that managing finances is an important part of becoming an adult. Nicole Slavitt, CEO of the financial management firm Kapitall, gives some quick tips in this article that will help millennials and non-millennials alike avoid the classic mistakes that can lead to financial ruin. First, you don’t have to be ‘rich’ to be an investor; starting your portfolio early will lead no greater returns in the long run. Secondly, avoiding high-interest debt, such as credit cards can make it easier to attain financial freedom. Lastly, saving early will help ensure you have enough cushion in the future to live comfortably. If they follow these tips, millennials will be setting themselves up for a brighter financial future.

Key Points:

  • 1You don’t have to be rich to invest
  • 2Avoid credit card debt
  • 3Start saving now; every year counts

By eliminating some bad habits you effectively improve your odds of doing better with your money.

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