Time And Punishment: How To Be Less Busy And Get Your Life Back

We all want to be productive at work and be present for our family at home.   But it seems we are becoming a culture that is too busy to complete tasks at work and too busy to really connect with the people we love.   Here are some tips to make the most of time (a limited resource):

Delegate — If you can hire out a task that is sucking your time — do it.   What about lawn maintenance?   Even grocery stores will shop for you and deliver to your car.

Give Up Perfection

Disconnect From Your Phone and Computer

Learn to say “No”

Key Points:

  • 1Stop doing everything yourself — Delegate.
  • 2Commit to turning off your devices when you need to be present.
  • 3Buy milk on the way home from work rather than making an extra trip.

Time is a limited resource; do you really want to waste it?


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