The TSA is Hiring: Here’s What You Need to Know

The TSA has announced plans to hire 768 full-time screeners and have them in airports by mid-June. Because the number of TS officers has decreased over time while the number of fliers have increased, security checkpoints are only getting longer. The proposal will cost approximately $8 million; with an extra $26 million to increase part0time and overtime hours. Since the announcement, the TSA has seen a surge in applications. The position of a transportation security officer includes duties like operating screening technology, performing searches on people and bags and surveilling terminal entrances and exits. Candidates will have to fill out an application, undergo an interview process and pass a background check. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a high school diploma or equivalent, or have at least one year of applicable security work experience.

Key Points:

  • 1The TSA has seen a boost in applications for the nearly 800 openings, which can be found on the government’s job website
  • 2Candidates will have to fill out an application, undergo an interview process and pass a background check.
  • 3Job listing references having to stay focused during crowd distractions and “disruptive and angry passengers.”

Airports across the country are experiencing a high volume of passengers that’s causing major backups at security checkpoints. That’s because the number of TSA officers has decreased, as the number of fliers has increased.

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