Why Women Pay More than Men for the Same Stuff

A concern as of late has been what is dubbed, “the pink tax.” There has been attention paid to the fact that women are being taxed more for their products than men. While not true in all cases, one study found that women’s products cost more than men’s in 42% of cases (The New York Study). While some of this may be the actual quality and/or structure of the product, there have been cases where women are paying more for a razor, when the only difference is the feminine design. The question is whether these tactics are sexism or price gouging. Similar to the New York Study, a study in California, as well as a study in Britain found that women were paying more for products. At this time, there is no federal law against gender pricing; however, California and New York have both outlawed gender pricing for certain services (like hair styling and dry cleaning).

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Why women pay more than men for the same stuff


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