4 Reasons to Learn a New Language | John McWhorter

Why should you learn a foreign language? There are several reason to learn a foreign language. Language channels your thoughts.  John McWhorter states that world views can be shaped by language. If you want to learn and experience a culture understanding the language is invaluable.  If you speak two language you will be a better multi-tasker. Learning a new language is fun. You have many options to learn a new language.  You can learn a new language through traditional classes, take a course at home on your computer, download a language app, or get books from the library.  An audio language component will ease your learning to understand verbal communication.  A written language component will help you be able to navigate maps, street signs, and restaurant menus.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1English is becoming the universal language of the world.
  • 2Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people but more Chinese people are learning English.
  • 3There are two dozen universities in China teaching only in English.

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