15 Best Vitamins For Adults

With today’s world, eating on the go and eating fast food is becoming common. The problem is you might not be getting the vital nutrients you need. There are a lot of stores that offer natural made products and multivitamins that help keep you healthy and off of prescription drugs. Stores such as Shop Wellabs offer liquids, tablets or you can get capsules. You can get things non vegan, for vegetarians and even for the rest of your family because getting healthy is something we need to do together. There are natural supplements for depression, for anxiety, pregnancy, for eyes and more. There are tons of vitamin and herbal supplements out there, but which are the best ones? We’ve made a list of the 15 best vitamins for adults to help you out.  


1.   Biotin for Your Skin, Keratin and Collagen for Hair Growth

Yes, these are three different things, but they are so often found together in the same product because of how amazingly well they work together that we are listing them as a group. All 3 of these products work on the same thing. They help your skin look youthful and glowing. They also help plump your skin a bit, so any wrinkles you have will be a lot less noticeable. They help your hair grow and look shiny and healthy. They help your nails get stronger so they don’t break as easily, and if you like long nails they will help make that happen! This trio is by far the holy grail in the beauty world! This can usually be found as either a pill or a liquid, making it easy to take.  


2.   Selenium to Stabilize the Body

Selenium is great for your thyroid. This means that it can help your concentration and reflexes, keep your weight stable, helps brain function and better digestion.   Also from the benefits it strengthens the immune system, takes care of heart function, and affects the reproductive system.  


3.   Chlorophyll Drops for Detoxification

This is what is found in plants that helps them use the light from the sun to grow. If you aren’t a fan of leafy green veggies, you may not be getting enough of this. It is an antioxidant that helps your skin, can actually help body odor, increase mood and help with weight loss! If you are a mountain climber or fly a lot, it can also help with altitude sickness.  

Chlorophyll helps the body produce red blood cells and also effectively cleanses the blood. The new red blood cells carry oxygen to all cells in the body due to hemoglobin, which has a positive effect on human health in general.


4.   Lion’s Mane Mushroom Elixir

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom. It gets its name from the shaggy appearance it has. It is great for your brain, reduces depression and anxiety, reduces your risk of heart disease, protects against ulcers, and is a great antioxidant.  


5.   Powerful Vitamin B12  

B12 can be purchased alone or as part of A B complex. It can help prevent you from becoming anemic, makes your brain healthy, prevents osteoporosis, reduces the chance of getting macular degeneration (where you lose your sight) and also improves your mood by reducing depression.  


6.   CoQ10 Valuable Benefits  

CoQ10 is a supplement that does a lot for your body. The most important role CoQ10 plays is helping your brain function better by improving its cellular function. This is also a really good product for your heart, because it helps keep your blood pressure and heart rhythm stable. CoQ10 helps keep your skin healthy and prevents thin sagging skin, so it is like a little capsule of the fountain of youth. Men who take this will boost blood flow and help with erectile dysfunction issues. That being said, it can also help women’s eggs stay healthy so it is a great fertility supplement.  


7.   Multifunctional Vitamin C

Everyone has heard of Vitamin C. It is great for your immune system! However, there are other benefits to this vitamin. Vitamin C helps reduce your risk of gout, reduces your risk of getting a chronic disease, can prevent iron deficiency in kids and lowers your risk of heart disease.


8.   Turmeric for Centuries

Turmeric is often paired with ginger and bioperine to help it absorb better. Ancient Chinese medicine has used this for centuries, and it is only recently becoming mainstream. This is a great anti-inflammatory and pain relief supplement. This is many people with arthritis’s go-to supplement. It can also help females with menstrual pain relief. It also helps with circulation and is a great immunity booster!  


9.   DHT Blocker

What is DHT? To make it simple, it is what makes you lose your hair. A DHT blocker prevents hair loss. In some studies, men have even been able to reverse their baldness! As if that wasn’t enough, it also strengthens your cardiovascular system, makes your bones stronger, helps build muscle and improves your mood and your libido!


10. Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

Although these can be found out in the woods, getting lab-grade is important to make sure you are getting consistency. This is an amazing mushroom that can help fight disease.  


11. Iodine

Iodine is an important supplement for vegetarians, as it is primarily found in meat. You can also find it in enhanced salt, but taking a supplement has a lot more health benefits than adding salt to your diet. Iodine is crucial for your thyroid to work right, so it provides the same benefits we listed above for Selenium.


12. D3 Vitamin Benefit  

D3 is made in your body with sunlight. If you are indoors a lot, you will definitely need to take this. Not only does it help your immune system, but it helps your muscles from losing mass. It also keeps your bones and teeth strong and healthy.  


13. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the reason you hear people say if you eat carrots your eyes will improve. It really does play an important part in having good eyesight. It can also prevent acne, improves your skin and helps your immune system.  


14. Helpfulness Zinc

Zinc helps with aging, reduces inflammation and helps wounds heal faster. A lot of people don’t get enough zinc in their diet, so taking a liquid version that will absorb better is crucial!  


15. Liquid Panax Ginseng

This is an amazing immune supplement. It also helps boost mood and brain function. It can also help with erectile dysfunction and might lower blood sugar. This is good to take if your energy has been low.  


The good news is these supplements can all be found in the same place usually. Finding a one-stop shop for your vitamin needs is certainly the way to go!


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