Are You Dieting Yourself Fat?

The most popular message we all get about weight loss from just about every source of information is that the way to lose weight is to diet. But what if this was not really the case? In fact, our bodies require calories to function. And if we provide fewer calories than it needs, the body will rob itself to feed itself. So the important way to have a healthy body is to manage what we eat and not how much we eat. We need to take a long view of our eating habits and design our choices of food to provide the best nutrients so our bodies both look and feel their best. In that way, we will not only achieve a proper body weight, but we will maintain ourselves in peak condition without endless distraction over calories.

Key Points:

  • 1Change the quality of your bites, not the quantity, as your body needs fuel to survive.
  • 2Learn to love food for what it can do for you, and how it makes you feel; during and after you eat it.
  • 3The cleaner your food choices, the happier, healthier and more satisfied you will be.

In reality, strict dieting will make you a smaller person with higher body fat.

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