I Plan, Therefore I Am

To become who we want to be, whether it’s thinner, richer, or happier, sooner or later, we realize we must plan. Planning can, of course, take many forms. However, there are some underlying components essential to almost all variations. There is the need to see what it is you are currently doing. For example a food log, medication chart, daily doings summation, some way of putting in writing what it is you are accomplishing, daily, towards your goal, whether it’s to follow a specific medical regime, do a specific activity every day, or simply note the foods you eat, is a logical necessity in planning. You need to catch yourself in the act to see what is working and what is not. It is also imperative to map a plan as to where you wish to go. Be it by a calendar, a poster, a wall chart, something needs to visually show you where you want to be at a specific time, to motivate you to get there. Finally, though not imperative, it is useful to ruminate daily. Humans are thinking and feeling entities. Use of a journal helps to map, not just goals and those visible accomplishments, but the feelings that underlie them. Often, it is useful to make notations at the beginning and at the end of the day. Day’s often tired end and morning’s fresh beginning are distinct enough that each can offer a different and valid perspective.

Key Points:

  • 1The best way to keep moving forward is to have a plan.
  • 2Without systems to track, guide or motivate, even the most ambitious person will be sidelined by life.
  • 3Writing for 15 minutes each morning is an excellent way to start the day because it helps bring clarity to life and makes pursuing goals much easier.

When I have a definite goal in mind, clear action steps, and a way to chart my course, I succeed. When I leave things to chance; I don’t.

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