Make “Healthy” your signature Dish

When it comes to eating healthily, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Cutting down on the calories is always a good option, but even then it can be difficult to come up with a whole meal.

In two previous blogs, we suggested easy ways to cut the calories in your foods by simple substitution. That way, you can still make the foods you love, but feel better about it afterwards.

For many of us, our go-to recipes have stayed the same over the years. And while they may be “go-to” for their flavor, they’re not always the healthiest choices. However, swapping out one ingredient for a healthier option not only makes you feel better, it may even vamp up your signature dish.

  • Instead of pasta in your chicken soup, try barley
  • Instead of rice, try faro
  • Instead of a side of pasta, try quinoa with roasted veggies
  • Instead of noodles in your macaroni and cheese, try cauliflower



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