5 Reasons Why A Labiaplasty May Be Right For You

5 Reasons Why A Labiaplasty May Be Right For You

Are you upset and embarrassed with your labial size or shape? Does your confidence level sink when wearing a bathing suit or tight pants? Do your labia cause pain during sexual intercourse, or embarrassment, making the experience uncomfortable? Well, if your response to any of these is yes, then you might want to consider Labiaplasty surgery. 

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves reducing the size of the labia minora or the vaginal lips that have stretched or become loose over time due to natural events like childbirth. Fortunately, it is a simple, short, and relatively low-risk procedure that can put an end to diminished feelings of self-confidence, embarrassment, and physical discomfort. This procedure has gained popularity in the last few years due to the multitude of benefits it offers. We have mentioned some of these below which will help you grasp how the process is right for you. 

Improved Vaginal Aesthetics

A labiaplasty is performed by making an incision that runs along the length of the labia which allows removing darker pigmentation often found on the edges and more accurately creating the new shape of the labia as determined by the patient. The laser provides more precise cutting and less injury, which promotes faster and less painful healing. However, if the labia majora is also over-sized, the doctor may recommend removing nominal amounts of tissue from there as well.

Once labiaplasty surgery is successfully done, you can experience a smaller, neater, and more visually-appealing vagina. Although there’s no perfect shape, after labiaplasty, your vaginal shape gets close enough to what is considered ideal. This, in turn, boosts your confidence which positively affects every aspect of your life. 


Increased Clothing Comfort

As we mentioned about vaginal aesthetics above, a protruding labia are more than just uncomfortable. They can create a visible bulge in certain types of clothing, especially in a bathing suit, gym pants, or even when wearing a pair of tight fit jeans. In addition to their appearance, the extending vaginal lips can get extremely uncomfortable in these garments. And, labiaplasty surgery is one of the best ways to address your concerns as it allows you to wear any of your favorite clothing comfortably and with extreme confidence. 


Reduced Pain and Irritation

As the vaginal lips enlarge and protrude, they can cause a lot of irritation due to the skin rubbing together. And this is not all. In addition to the discomfort, the painful skin irritation might also lead to infection down there. The area is likely to become red and sore, which further impacts the overall hygiene. So, labiaplasty is recommended, as by removing excess skin from the labia, any chances of skin irritation are eliminated. Therefore, a comfortable, hea