5 Top-Rated Ovulation Apps for Women Who Want to Become Pregnant

Are you struggling to conceive? Do you long for the day when you can hold your newborn baby in your arms, yet can currently only look longingly at others as they cuddle their children? Thanks to developers in the women’s health sector, there are a growing number of powerful fertility apps available to women who want to conceive. These mobile ovulation apps let women track everything from their basal body temperature to their cervical mucus levels and breast tenderness. Check out the following roundup of top-rated iOS fertility applications to see which one just might be the tool you need to help you conceive your very own bundle of bawling beauty.

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My Days – Period & Ovulation

Offered by Christian Mueller, the My Days – Period & Ovulation app is a must-discover tool for women trying to conceive. This powerful resource lets you track everything from the last time you had intercourse to your breast self-examinations and cervix positioning. Chart your morning temperatures, review your weekly weight fluctuations, and even monitor your mood swings for maximum insights.


Glow – Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker

Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, the Glow – Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker app is another excellent choice for ladies on the hunt for fertility apps. This terrific application lets you monitor your menstrual cycle, track your cervical mucus days, and helps you understand which days are your best opportunities to become impregnated. The interface is engaging with graphs for charting your weight gain, your calorie intake, and your nutrition intake. If you want a mobile ovulation app that not only might help you get pregnant but also offers informative healthy living tips, this one is a winner.


Ovia Fertility

Available from Ovuline, the Ovia Fertility app is another top-rated option for women hoping to conceive. This application uses algorithms and fertility data to help predict your most fertile days. Track everything from your period and basal body temperature to your blood pressure and sleep patterns. With fertility scores and period projections, this application is definitely worth investigating.  (if you just want a web version of this type of calculator the HealthStatus.com ovulation calculator uses the same formula)


Kindara Fertility Tracker

The Kindara Fertility Tracker app is another easy-to-use download for baby-conscious women. Beautiful to look at, this application lets you monitor your cervical mucus condition, track your pregnancy test days, and monitor your birth control efforts. Track your PMS symptoms, keep a record of your doctor visits, and monitor your cervical firmness too.


Period Tracker

Offered by Sevenlogics, the Period Tracker app is a top pick for women just starting to think about getting pregnant. You can monitor your mood swings, keep track of your period symptoms, and understand which time periods are your best options for unprotected sex. A bit more lighthearted than the ovulation apps listed above, this download lets you keep a health diary, update your social calender, and lets you customize your app’s appearance with a variety of colorful templates.


Thanks to helpful iOS fertility apps, women now don’t have to feel so alone in their struggle to become pregnant. Tracking health conditions on a daily basis can lead to a deeper understanding of opportune times for conception. Do you think you will be downloading any of these mobile apps to assist in your efforts to become a proud new parent?


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