Are you battling infertility? You are not alone! It is a trying battle full of ups and downs, highs and lows. One thing you must do through it all is stay positive. Never give up. While it sounds impossible, here are a few ways to help keep that positive outlook and maybe even put a smile on your face.

It is important to get outside. Whether you go for a hike, run, walk, or just sit – get outside! There’s something peaceful about nature and its beauty. Get out and enjoy it! Another important bit of advice – don’t hold it all in. Be sure to talk to someone and get those feelings out. You will feel better if you do.

A couple of fun ways to get your mind off infertility are hanging out with friends and cooking. Try to come up with new recipes using foods you’ve never tried before. And being with friends is always fun!

If you want to be away from people who know you and your struggles, you can always find somewhere to volunteer. Nobody will know the battle you are facing so you won’t be asked about it, and it feels amazing to do things for someone else!

Key Points:

  • 1While I always think it’s a smart idea to feel what you’re feeling — good or bad — it’s important not to let the bad consume you.
  • 2Try to remember that making a baby isn’t your body’s only function. Finding pleasure in sex again can only happen from having non-baby-making sex. Do it, and you’ll begin to gain some of that confidence
  • 3It all leaves you when you write. Sure, it comes back. (That’s the nature of the fertility roller coaster.) But it doesn’t stay with you and build and build and build.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a friend or a cousin or an aunt or anyone to talk with. This journey is so tough, made only tougher by keeping it all inside. Find your someone.


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