An interesting question has been raised on whether, or not your body weight can have an impact on your fertility health. The role that weight plays in fertility is a very complex thing. It is a big hurdle for some couples that are trying their best to conceive. There is evidence out there that shows that obesity is one of the main causes of female fertility issues in around 6 percent of cases. There is another 6 percent of female fertility cases that are caused by being underweight. Thankfully, there is some good news for people though. Research has shown that correcting a weight challenge that triggers infertility can lead to natural conception in up to 70 percent of ladies. If you are overweight, or underweight, your natural fertility will be affected by that. It also impacts medical fertility treatments and pregnancy in many different ways. Being underweight, or overweight can have a big impact on your ovulation. Without ovulation, there is no chance of becoming pregnant. Women who do not weight enough can stop getting their menstrual cycle. This is a very important thing to be aware of. This happens with women that exercise too much, or have an eating disorder.

Key Points:

  • 1Weight fluctuations in both men and women can negatively affect fertility.
  • 2Even if you get pregnant your weight issues can still negatively affect your pregnancy.
  • 3Exercise and a healthy diet of complex carbohydrates can increase your chances of getting healthier and having a baby.

Having adequate body fat is critical for fertility. If your body fat is too low (below 18.5%), it can prevent the release of an egg or ovulation each month. Some experts suggest body fat should be at 22% for optimum fertility.

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