“Liver Loving” Foods with Big Fertility Benefits

The liver is a vital organ. Most of us think of the heart and lungs when we consider those organs necessary to life, but the liver is no less important. Like many things related to health, diet plays a central role in good results. And if you’re looking to improve your chances of conception, every little bit can help. The liver definitely plays a role in your fertility chances.

Cholagogues are foods that promote bile production; which can assist the liver in performing its vital detoxification function for your body. Bile is also essential in managing the digestion of dietary fats, and help limit the build up of cholesterol. Many liver friendly foods can be bitter or herbal, but tasty if prepared properly.

Dandelions, either in tea or the greens, are very helpful for not just liver health but overall health. Teas made from dandelions are generally available on the grocery store shelf, so they’re not difficult to find. Beets and vegetables greens are another liver friendly food. Artichokes are as well, and are also a natural diuretic that helps the body with digestion and elimination. Miatake mushrooms might be the easiest food to add to your regular diet though, if you don’t like the other options. Mushrooms are a common food for most people, so tap into the health benefits the maitake variety offers.

Key Points:

  • 1Harmful chemicals can cause an array of diseases to affect people. There are dietary changes that can be made to help prevent that from happening.
  • 2Fertility can get a big boost when eating bitter foods and herbs. That will encourage the liver to increase its functionality in various ways.
  • 3The liver can actually eliminate harmful chemicals within the body. Eat right and stay healthy to keep the liver working as it should.

For your fertility, bitter foods and herbs encourage the liver to eliminate harmful chemicals like xenoestrogens.

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Everyone and their mother knows that beets are good for you, but does everyone know why?

Packed with phytonutrients (“phyto” being the Greek word for plants), vitamins and minerals, beets provide support to many systems of the body from digestion to energy levels.

  • Bodies convert the nitrates found in beets to nitric oxide, which helps improve oxygenation levels in the blood and overall circulation.  
  • The antioxidants and fiber act like natural cleansing agents, helping with the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals in the blood and giving the digestive tract a gentle flush to support a healthy elimination process.  
  • Consuming whole foods like beets is an excellent way to reduce the immune system from triggering ongoing harmful levels of high inflammation.
  • Healthy blood pressure, stamina, and detox are just a few of the immune boosting benefits of beets. According to a study done on beetroot juice.
  • Beets may stimulate cell production, which can protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles. It’ll also keep your brain young by preserving it with nitrates to improve blood flow.

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Help your liver love you with these liver friendly fertility foods. Let’s make a baby!
Are you trying to get pregnant? These tips could help, and they’ll help you get healthy in the process!

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