Midwife Hannah Bajor spent 10 years trying to become pregnant and yet never achieving that goal. She has used her experience with infertility to become very knowledgeable about infertility and the benefit of using an ovulation predictor kit. By having gone down the infertility road herself, she is an expert in how to use the kits to their best advantage. She also has empathy for the women who are experiencing infertility.

It’s always better to gain information from someone who has gone through the same struggles as you have and found a successful way to end those struggles. Watching Hannah’s video and listening to her detailed knowledge will undoubtedly help other women achieve their goal of becoming a mother. Most women are not using the kits the right way and are, most likely, becoming increasingly frustrated with their lack of success.

Hannah explains some of the mistakes women make while trying to use an ovulation kit and becoming pregnant. Some of the ways seem elementary while others are more complex. Drinking too much water will affect your urine which will affect your test kit. Keeping your test kit in the wrong temperature (i.e. too hot) will affect your test kit. Fluctuating hormones during the day will affect your test kit. And if in doubt still, watch Hannah’s video.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Use an ovulation predictor kit to identify the best time for conception.
  • 2Urine ovulation test strips require proper storage and handling for accurate results.
  • 3Follow a testing regimen to track ovulation.

The bottom line is that reading the fine print on the kits will help ensure achieving the maximum results.


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