Study: Hormones Like Testosterone Impact Chances of Conception

Study: Hormones Like Testosterone Impact Chances of Conception

While both men and women require androgens for healthy bodies, and women require far less than men, it still plays a vital role in women’s health. Specifically, the role of androgens, such as testosterone, may explain problems with pregnancy. While too much testosterone is a common problem with PCOS and can affect regular menstruation and ovulation, too little can prevent a woman’s body from successfully implanting a fertilized egg. This may offer an explanation for why some IVF treatments inexplicably fail.

There are hormone therapies available for low androgens, but you can also take steps yourself to improve your reproductive health. If you have high levels of androgens, avoid refined while sugar and carbohydates. If you have low levels of androgens, you can exercise regularly, take a zinc supplement, and do not use a low-fat diet. And in both cases, avoid a sedentary lifestyle, which can restrict the circulation to the womb. While there is no sure-fire way to pinpoint the causes of certain reproductive issues, due to the very delicate balance of hormones required, it is always helpful to have the most knowledge so you can be prepared and try to take steps to prevent future issues.

Key Points:

  • 1The study sought out to understand relationships between testosterone levels in women and successful implantations of embryos.
  • 2The interplay of hormone levels and endometrial tissue is a very complex issue and not easy to understand.
  • 3The best to influence low testosterone levels is to increase zinc levels, exercise weekly, and not go on low fat diets.

If your testosterone is low, natural therapies are a safe choice to help you rebalance.

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